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Don Sloane

Since 1951 Don Sloane, a WWII Veteran, has been running Miller’s Surplus. After joining the Army right near the end of WWII, Don spent three years in Europe where he survived being shot twice. After being discharged in 1948 at the age of 21, Don attended NYU then headed west to Tucson.

When Miller’s Army Surplus Exchange first opened its original location on Congress in downtown Tucson, the Army was more than happy to get rid of all their surplus and Don was happy to fill his customer’s needs with the military gear. In 1966, urban renewal pushed the store out of downtown and onto 6th Ave, where the store Miller’s Surplus is today.

To this day, Don and his employees have continued success because they always help out every customer to make sure that they are satisfied when they come into the store.

Visiting Miller’s Surplus is a full experience of shopping and history where you will find Don’s own military collection on display dating back to WWII. Although the store has expanded into outdoor living, work and hiking gear and clothing, the military surplus is still what brings customers back again and again since 1951.

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